The Meaning of «Same» in English.

Статья объясняет значение слова «same» в английском языке, как можно использовать это слово в предложениях и приводит примеры его употребления.


Have you ever wondered what «same» means in English? Well, wonder no more! «Same» is an adjective that means identical or not different, it is often used to express that two or more things are exactly alike.

For example, you could say «I have the same shirt as my brother» or «My sister and I have the same eye color.» In both cases, «same» is used to show that the two objects being compared are identical.

Another way to use «same» is to refer to a previous sentence or idea. For instance, if you say «I’m going to the store to buy some bread and milk, can you do the same?» you are asking if the other person can go to the store and buy the same items as you.

«Same» is also commonly used in the phrase «same here», which means «me too» or «I feel the same way.» So, if someone says «I love pizza» and you also love pizza, you could respond with «Same here!»

In addition to «same», there are several related words that have similar meanings, such as «identical», «equal», and «similar». However, it is important to note that these words are not always interchangeable and have specific uses.

In summary, «same» is a useful word in English that can be used to express identity, refer to previous statements, or show agreement. Now that you know its meaning, you can start using it in your daily conversations and expand your vocabulary even further!

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